Why We Chose Canon C300 Cleveland

Why the right choice for us is Canon C300 Cleveland

We use a variety of cameras at Mosher Media but our workhorses are our Canon C300 Mark II and Canon C100. Canon’s Cinema EOS line of cameras bring a unique mix of beautiful images, usability, and reliability that is unique to the camera market.

The biggest selling points for us are the gorgeous colors that the camera produces and the ability to shoot 4K internally. The color rendition from these Canon cameras is beautiful.  We have shot on many, many cameras at Mosher Media, and we unanimously agree that — from image sharpness to color — this is our favorite.

We have a large variety of Canon EF mount lenses. For larger, cinema-style shoots, we use our Schneider Xenon FF primes. These cinema primes are perfect for shoots where we have a larger crew and a dedicated focus puller.

We also frequently use a variety of Canon L-series zooms and primes for smaller shoots and photography projects. Canon glass produces fantastic results and work.

A Great Camera for Any Project

The C300 Mk II Digital Cinema Camera integrates an 8.85 Megapixel Super 35mm 16:9 CMOS sensor. Canon’s Log 3 Gamma supports 14 stops of dynamic range. The camera records beautiful 4K internally, making it our go-to camera for large-scale agency projects.

Both the Canon C100 and Canon C300 Mk II feature amazing Dual-Pixel Auto-Focus. This can be especially helpful in a fast-paced environment, where we might have multiple crews shooting with little room for error.

We love the way these cinema cameras are setup.  Our crew knows the ins and outs of these cameras, meaning we can work under pressure in any situation.

We have the production team for your project.  We have the right camera for your project. Looking for a talented crew that knows the ins and outs of the Canon C300 Cleveland?  We are that crew.

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