Animation Demo

Making videos to promote your business is not limited to the traditional “lights, camera, action” formula. The world of modern digital cinema encompasses endless possibilities, giving clients the opportunity to make anything they can imagine come to life. This is where animation comes into play. At Mosher Media, we strive to provide the best animation and motion graphics Cleveland Ohio has to offer.

One of the many beauties of animation is that it has no boundaries creatively or geographically. You don’t have to be in-person to create the video you want. We’ve worked on projects from start to finish with clients not only here in Cleveland, but all over the country. A client can be on the opposite side of the world, come up with the perfect idea, and end up with an amazing animated video to promote their business without even lifting a finger!

Why Mosher Media for your animation project?

We’ve spent the past 25 years refining our technique, style, and process and have made it a priority to keep up with the ever-increasing technological advancements over the years. We’ve tried every software on the market, and after years of upgrades, practice, testing, and patience, we can say we have it down to a science.

Our team of animators are not only tech-savvy but also have a burning passion for all things art and design. We have a skillset covering both 2D and 3D animation and use a mixture of After Effects, Cinema 4D, Blender, and Element 3D to offer a variety of animation styles to our clients. We help our clients through the complex process of animation and make it fun by helping them develop early concepts and ideas, creating a script, and providing a storyboard.

Our knowledge of video production takes our animation to the next level. Even though you don’t need a camera to make your dreams of an animated video come true, the foundations of video production still come into play. What separates good animation from bad animation is the animator’s understanding of lights, cameras, lenses, composition, acting, and pacing. Since our animators are also filmmakers, we use this to our advantage. We know exactly how and when to make animations more realistic, and when to make them fun, cartoony, and playful.

One last key element to our animation process is audio and sound design. After we have the visuals down for our animated videos, our animators breathe even more life to our animations with an absolutely stunning sound design. Sound is the icing on the cake, and can really bring an animation to the next level.

Our broad range of skills ensures that your animation project comes to together quickly, smoothly, and professionally. We have the experience and resources to create some of the highest quality animations in Cleveland. Our meticulous nature not only guarantees that we will meet any animation project deadline, but will also deliver nothing but the best.

Interested in our Cleveland animation services? Let us know today!