Work with one of our talented and award-winning producers to see your project through to the end. Our on staff producers have extensive experience in concept development, scriptwriting, and directing.


Ideas are great, but it all depends on what you do and can you execute it?  We will take your concept (or one of ours), and bring it to life – from scripting, acquiring props and locations, makeup, directing, shooting, editing and delivering the finished product.


Every good project starts with a good plan. That includes scripting, storyboarding, scheduling, casting, and much more.  Regardless of whether you bring us in at the very start of a project or once the script is finalized, we’re able to do whatever is necessary to make sure the shoot and post-production goes off without a hitch.


Pre-production typically consists of an initial client meeting to discuss the message, intended audience, and concept.  A script is prepared (either by the client or by Mosher Media).  Prior to the shoot, a location scout is conducted and a shot list is prepared.


This part of the production process can be done by you, by us, or ideally a combination.  We can take your outline, your completed script, or even just a random collection of thoughts and ideas, and turn it into a script that will connect with your intended audience.


These can be either hand-drawn illustrations, or digitally designed in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.  Either way, storyboards will help visualize how your video will look. While full storyboards may not be necessary for every project, a more simplified “styleboard” may be the way to go to give inspiration and flavor to an idea.


This may be one of the most often overlooked stages of the production process.  Doing a location scout ahead of just showing up the day of the shoot, can save a lot of time and headache.  We know what we need to look for in order to make the shoot (and ultimately the finished product) a success.


Our studio with movable set pieces allows us to be flexible and tailor any shoot to the specific needs or requests of the client.  Whether you need some simplistic color or decor changes – or an entire custom set built from scratch – we have the ability to make it happen.

Whatever We Start, We Think Through To The End

We believe that only the combination of well-conceived and well-produced ideas can lead to successful videos. That means we want to have an idea of what the final product looks like before we start shooting video. A great concept is nothing if it isn’t produced well. And great production is wasted if the concept isn’t on target from the start.

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