107.3 The Wave – Listen at Work

After meeting with The Wave, the big takeaway was that their brand was all about playing calm music that people listen to at work. We came up with the concept of having one person in the front of the frame completely oblivious to the chaos behind them because they were listening to The Wave.

The trickiest part of this project was finding a location that would allow us to get the framing we wanted with lots of depth for the chaos to occur. After checking out every office space available to us, we decided that the best method was for us to build our our set. We found some empty space in our office building and got to work.

The second important aspect to creating this spot was our Sony FS700. While we generally prefer the look from our Canon cameras, the FS700 high frame rate really gave us the feeling we were going for. Like always, it’s best to pick the right camera for the right job.