Parenting Expo

The concept for this spot was to have the parents watching their kids grow up through the years in their kitchen. We needed a fairly open kitchen where we could shoot a flat wall and get the fridge in the shot (which was important for several scenes). After looking at dozens of kitchens we determined we should build our own set in our studio.

After acquiring a fridge and some cabinets, and a few days of building, we were ready to shoot. We needed 3 distinct lighting styles; morning, daytime, and night. The morning was created using a 1k Tungsten light shot through some blinds mounted to a C-stand. We used our 4×4 Kinos with daylight bulbs to create the fairly flat daytime lighting. The night scene was created with a single 2×2 Flolight mounted in the ceiling. We had the camera balanced to 5600K for every scene which helped create the golden morning light with the 1K Tungsten.